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Get ready for a flavor explosion that’s just a little bit cheeky!

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Samosa Chaat is a popular street food dish in India and other South Asian countries. It is a combination of two dishes, samosas and chaat, served together. Samosas are triangular-shaped pastries filled with a mixture of spices, vegetables, or meat. Chaat is a general term for savory street food snacks that typically include a mixture of crispy fried dough, chutneys, spices, and other ingredients. In Samosa Chole, the samosas are cut into pieces and served on top of a bed of chickpeas and various chutneys, with spices and other accompaniments added on top. The dish is known for its combination of crunchy and soft textures, as well as its sweet and spicy flavors.

4 reviews for Samosa Chole
  1. 2343bff

    Love the fruit n veg, defo worth every penny xxx

  2. h34ssrr

    Thank you for your kind donation of apples to the PA Halloween disco!

  3. sdf3ss

    Excellent quality – fruit and veg last so much longer than what I get in the shops. Good amount and value for money. Thank you!

  4. 4wseff

    Love it when our fresh fruit and veg gets delivered!

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