Samosa Chaat

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Tangy + spicy = The best Samosa Chaat ever! Crispy samosas covered in chole (chickpeas) and dollops of yogurt & chutney……..

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Crunchy Samosas smashed and served with chole, topped with dahi & khatti meethi chutney. Mixture of hot and cool ingredients is perfect for small time hunger. You can enjoy it between meals or even as a meal. Bursting with flavours, it hits all the checkboxes on the list of flavors – Sweet, Spicy, and Tangy!

7 reviews for Samosa Chaat
  1. sdafwe

    good product

  2. refs434

    The Produce is amazing for the price, the quality first class

  3. ndfsd4

    Reasonably priced, great quality & very fresh.

  4. tacvh

    Thank you for my order. Excellent quality and value.

  5. kizaa

    Thank you very much for my order it was very fresh and very good value for money. will definitely be ordering again

  6. minimig

    Had my first box delivered today. Lovely fresh produce and great value for money.

  7. hieddas

    got a box on Thurs between soup and stews and grandchildren eating fruit it\’s almost gone .
    Good quality and fresh.

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